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Libya has remained unstable and chaotic since the revolution and overthrow of its dictator in 2011. Three opposing governments vie for control, and the conflicts have severely damaged the country’s infrastructure and made gospel work in the country extremely difficult. Many missionaries and indigenous believers have been killed in recent years, and gospel work in the country is ruthlessly opposed.

Major Religion:

97 percent of Libyans are Sunni Muslims. 2 percent are Christians.


Extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood and the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS), operate throughout the country. Friends and family also severely persecute converts.

What It Means To Follow Christ In Libya:

Life is difficult in Libya, and the difficulties are compounded for Christians and especially Christian converts from Islam. There are few believers in Libya, and it is extremely difficult for them to practice their faith openly. Christians are rejected by their Muslim families and friends. They are beaten, lose families and jobs, and are sometimes killed. It is unknown whether any Christians are imprisoned in Libya, but it is considered likely.

Access To Bibles:

Access to Bibles is severely restricted; they are brought into the country with extreme difficulty and risk. Christians in Libya take great risks just to own a Bible, including digital formats used on smartphones and computers. Give Bibles

VOM Work:

VOM supports strategies that allow believers to gather for fellowship and teaching, despite extreme risks, and that aim to give Libyans greater access to God's Word in various formats. We also support several evangelists and church planters. Give to VOM’s Global Ministry

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for new churches that are being established.
  • Pray for peace and stability in the country.
  • Pray for those who, for security reasons, must fellowship in online churches.
  • Pray that isolated believers will enjoy fellowship with the Lord and with other Christians.
  • Pray that many will be reached by Christian satellite TV programs and internet evangelism.